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If there is no available space to do gardening, here’s an alternative. Transform your garden indoors and display them on your work desk, walls and resting lounge. Some examples are terrarium, hanging air plants and shelved shade plants. You could contact us for a CIB室内园艺 starter kit to start a garden in your organisation or download the Introduction to Indoor 园艺 brochure 的更多信息.


Image of a bare office before indoor gardening


Image of a lush office with plant decor and indoor gardening, creating a more vibrant working environment

Dish Garden: Easily fits into available spaces and creates the illusion of a miniature landscape. It even helps to purify the air!


Terrarium: Relatively low maintenance.


Aquascape: Establish an ecosystem and add life to the office using fish to enhance colours.


Last updated on 15 May 2020