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自然领域 & 自然保护区

Singapore’s 自然保护区 are conserved under the 《滚球App》 2006. 这些储备包括:

武吉提玛自然保护区 (163公顷)

The reserve contains lowland and coastal hill dipterocarp forest. Examples of the tall seraya Shorea curtisii growing at this relatively low altitude are a sign of the coastal influence. About half of the reserve consists of primary forest, and half shows signs of significant past disturbance.

Central Catchment 自然 Reserve (3043公顷)

The reserve contains scattered patches of primary lowland dipterocarp forest, tall secondary forest of varying quality depending on its age, maturity and tree species mix, 淡水沼泽森林. The surfaces of the reservoirs (MacRitchie, 上皮尔斯, 较低的皮尔斯, Upper Seletar) also constitute part of the nature reserve.

双溪布洛湿地保护区 (131公顷)

The reserve contains mangroves, 泥滩, 河, and disused fish and prawn ponds that are gradually reverting to more natural brackish wetland types.

拉布拉多自然保护区 (10公顷)

The reserve contains secondary coastal forest, much of which has grown up since the Second World War, 但有一些较老的元素. It is on steep sandstone slopes, at the seaward foot reaching to a rocky shore and shallow coral and rubble substrate.


Singapore’s 24 自然领域 include the four 自然保护区 and 20 other areas that are subjected to administrative safeguards under the 公园 and Waterbodies Plan (Special and Detailed Controls Plan). 其他20个领域是:

  • 打赌Bronok和P. 级
  • 罗摩Bukit旁NA
  • Bukit Timah NA (includes Dairy Farm NA)
  • Chestnut NA (Chestnut Linear Park & 栗临时绿色)
  • 道路Gemala 
  • 肯特岭校园
  • 肯特岭公园
  • Kranji Mangrove (Kranji 自然 Park)
  • Kranji水库湿地
  • 法伯尔山公园
  • Pasir Ris自然保护区
  • 乌敏岛Tekong红树林
  • 乌彬岛自然保护区
  • 或实弹射击区域
  • 圣淘沙岛自然区域
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Rainforest
  • Sisters' Islands Marine 自然 Area
  • Sungei China (Lim Chu Kang)
  • 河中国(林地)
  • 直落布兰加山公园
Last updated on 06 September 2019