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The Convention on 国际 Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and 植物区系 (引用) is an international agreement that ensures wildlife species are not threatened to from extinction by trade.

引用 regulates international trade of 引用-listed live animals and plants, as well as their parts and derivatives, by requiring 引用 permits to be obtained before consignments are allowed to leave or enter a country. 

Singapore has been a Party to 引用 since November 1986. More than 180 countries across the globe are 引用 Parties. 这些国家restrict trade of endangered species listed in 引用 Appendix I, and regulate and monitor trade of species in 引用 Appendix II and III.

在新加坡,N公园 is the national authority that enforces and implements 引用 regulations. For information on 引用 authorities in other countries, please visit the official 引用的网站.

Last updated on 24 June 2020