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的 滚球App下载法案 (章 198A)

滚球App下载法案 is an Act to establish the 滚球App下载 and to provide for its functions and powers, and for matters connected therewith.

的 《滚球App下载》 (章 216)

《滚球App下载》 is an Act to provide for planting, maintenance and conservation of trees and plants within national parks, 自然保护区, 树保护区, heritage road green buffers and other specified areas, and for matters connected therewith.


动物和鸟类法案 (章 7)

动物和鸟类法案 is an Act for preventing the introduction into, 以及内部的扩散, Singapore of diseases of animals, birds or fish; for the control of the movement of animals, 鸟和鱼, within and from Singapore; for the prevention of cruelty to animals, birds or fish; for measures pertaining to the general welfare and improvement of animals, birds or fish in Singapore and for purposes incidental thereto.


的 Wildlife Act prohibits the feeding, 释放, 杀死, 被困, 采取, and keeping of wildlife without written approval from the Director-General, 野生动物管理, 并控制进口, 出售, 野生动物的出口.

《滚球App》 (章 57A)

《滚球App》 调节培养, 进口, transshipment and export of plants and plant products, the protection of plants and plant products against pests and diseases, the control of the introduction of pests into Singapore, 杀虫剂的使用, the measures pertaining to the development and improvement of the plant industry in Singapore, and for purposes connected therewith.

Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act (章 92A)

濒危物种法案 is an Act to give effect to the Convention on 国际 Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and 植物区系 (引用) by controlling the 进口ation, 出口, re-出口 and introduction from the sea of certain animals and plants, and parts and derivatives of such animals and plants, and for matters connected therewith.